No U.N. support for geoengineering: Proposal to use chemicals in our atmosphere to dim the sun is “infeasible” according to leaked report

A leaked report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reveals one of the main objectives behind the 2015 Paris Climate swindle: The world’s arrogant elite have plans to spray the Earth’s skies with chemicals to block the sun’s light and “save” the planet from “global warming.”

When U.S. President Donald Trump severed ties with the United Nation’s Paris Climate Agreement in 2017, he was not only saving billions of taxpayer dollars, but he was also protecting the planet from the scourges of geo-engineering experiments and a future of global strategic aerosol spraying.

Nearly 200 nations came together under the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, calling to order broad studies on the implementation of climate manipulation technologies. Under Obama’s lack of leadership, the U.S. spent over 1 billion on the project, and pledged $3 billion to this madness while he was in office.

The global warming “climate change” propaganda pushed in recent years is basically justification for worldwide geo-engineering and a way to garner public support for massive chemical experiments in the skies. One of the nefarious technologies the U.N. studied was the strategic aerosol spraying of sulfur-containing particles in the upper atmosphere to block sun light from reaching Earth’s surface.

But now the United Nations is undoing its support for geo-engineering. A leaked U.N. report draft says that the idea of spraying a layer of sun-dimming chemicals in the Earth’s atmosphere to combat global warming will not be feasible because it faces so many obstacles. The leaked report says that creating an artificial sunshade is “economically, socially and institutionally infeasible.” This doesn’t mean that geo-engineering projects will be halted altogether.

The draft says worldwide chem-trail spraying “would result in an “addiction problem.” “Once started, it’s hard to stop,” the draft says. If the chemical spraying stopped, temperatures would spike suddenly because greenhouse gases build up in the atmosphere no matter how long the sun’s light is reflected. The draft also says that rules for spraying would be hard to work out. A nation or even a company could try to modify the weather and this could disrupt global weather patterns more.

The first question that comes to mind is: If the U.N. has reviewed the idea of creating a “sunshade” with chem-trails, where have geo-engineering tests been conducted to make this determination? Have chem-trail experiments been conducted over the nearly 200 nations represented by the Paris Climate treaty? Did the Paris Climate Agreement give the U.N. scientific justification to experimentally spray the Earth’s skies with chemicals over the past three years? Were the skies over the U.S. sprayed? Sightings of chem-trails have gone up in recent years. More people have become aware that experiments are being conducted above their heads.

The most chilling aspect is that nations are coming together in unity to think of ways to sprays the skies with chemicals. Their reasoning behind this plot is laughable; the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change purports to reduce global temperatures by 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 Fahrenheit) by mid-century.

The leaked report contains hundreds of pages warning about the risk of droughts, floods, storms, and heat waves if “climate change” is not addressed. Harvard University’s Solar Geo-engineering research program is currently conducting outdoor experiments to block the sun’s light. Faculty director, David Keith downplayed skepticism toward geo-engineering, saying there is misguided “taboo” surrounding the technology. Keith called for more “serious research effort” to understand the benefits of geo-engineering.

“Misguided” or not, the world will definitely be a better place if global governance and scientific elite left the skies alone and quit trying to play God with the climate. Before tinkering with the Earth’s only atmosphere, climatologists should at least study the sun’s influence on Earth’s climate first. No matter how hard “climate change” scientists try, they will not be able to engineer favorable weather across the planet and an average temperature that they deem appropriate. Also, there is no feasible way to even prove that the Earth’s temperature is steadily rising. Manipulation of climate is a catalyst that will exacerbate more weather changes. The projected $10 billion annual cost to keep a layer of chemicals raining down from the atmosphere is not only unsustainable financially, but the act itself is a disdain toward all life on Earth.

As mankind attempts to manipulate climate, the Earth’s natural laws will adjust and rebound to retain balance. Mankind’s arrogance will only beckon a doomsday stomp from the skies. (For more, visit Geoengineering.News.)

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